Prof. Shivendra S. Panwar

Director, Center for Advanced Technology in Telecommunications
Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

PhD Students


  1. Walter Grote
    Collision Resolution Algorithms for Random Access Communications

  2. Zhengxue Zhao
    Scheduling Policies for Real-Time Communications

  3. Cem Ersoy
    Topological Design of Local and Metropolitan Area Networks

  4. Yao Chung Hung
    Buffer Management Policies

  5. Kangsik Cheon
    Intelligent Cell Discarding Policies for TCP Traffic over ATM-UBR

  6. Yiwei Thomas Hou
    Network Bandwidth Sharing Policies and their
    Distributed Protocol Implementation for Packet-Switched Networks

  7. Nitin Gogate
    Multiple Path Transport of Information in Wireless and Wired Networks

  8. Jeong-Dong Ryoo
    Optimal Resource Design for Networks with Multimedia Servers

  9. George Lapiotis
    Stochastic Analysis of Joint Buffer Management and
    Service Scheduling in High Speed Network Nodes

  10. Rajarshi Roy
    Quality of Service Issues in ATM and IP Networks

  11. Shiwen Mao
    Realtime Multimedia Transport using Multiple Paths

  12. Yihan Li
    Design and Analysis of Scheduling for
    High Speed Input Queued Switches

  13. Dennis Bushmitch
    Queuing Performance of Realtime Traffic under
    Thinning, Stripping and Shuffling

  14. Sathya Narayanan
    Two-Hop Forwarding in Wireless Networks

  15. Zhifeng (Jeffery) Tao
    Quality of Service Analysis and Cooperative Protocol Design for
    Wireless Local Area Networks

  16. Yanming Shen
    Design of Packet Switches & Peer-to-Peer Streaming Systems

  17. Pei Liu
    Design and Performance Analysis of Cooperation Protocols for
    Wireless Networks

  18. Chun Nie
    Robust Cooperative Networking and Interference Management in
    Next Generation Wireless Networks

  19. Shunyuan Ye
    Distributed Scheduling Algorithm Design for High Speed Switching Systems

  20. Sha Hua
    Exploiting the Benifits of Cooperation in Wireless Networks

  21. Ayaskant Rath
    Realizing the Potential of the Network Edge
  22. Shu Luo
    Robust Cooperative Communications and Full-duplex Relaying in Wireless Networks
  23. Zizhong Cao
    Exploiting the Full Potential of Networks Through Architectural Evolution and Traffic Scheduling                   
  24. Sanjay Goyal
    Exploting the Potential of Full Duplex Radios in Wireless Networks
  25. Tingting Lu
    Cellular Network Performance Analysis Under Correlated Shadow Fading
  26. Seyedamirhossein (Amir) Hosseini
    Enhancing Video Delivery in Wireless Networks

Current Students:

  1. Georgios (George) Kyriakou
  2. Fraida Fund
  3. Shenghe Xu
  4. Muhammad Affan Javed
  5. Rajeev Kumar
  6. Athanasios Koutsaftis
  7. Nicholas Barati